Who we are

The Founder

Naz Choudhury is single handed the most recognised and successful Bollywood artist in Europe. He is internationally acclaimed for global and mainstream projects such as: Bollywood Showstoppers, the East Side Story musical, Essence of Bollywood , performing at the Nobel Peace Prize and bringing Bollywood to Strictly Come Dancing and The Generation Game for the first time history.

He is a specialist Bollywood choreographer, versatile in mutipile dance forms, and a powerhouse performer who is renowned for delivering high caliber dance performances and events. He creativity has reached millions and has toured across the world leaving audiences in awe of his talent and charisma.

Contact Naz.

Email: [email protected] +44 (0) 7588 892 861

The Dancers

The Bolly Flex dancers are a diverse team full of high energy and charisma, giving the perfect blend for a power packed performance that will set any stage on fire.

They have been professionally trained in a variety of Indian styles, acrobatics and aerial. They have a vast experience working in Indian movies, world tours and competitions as well as performing with various Bollywood stars.

They perform up to 10-90 minute dance spectaculars tailored to suit every event. Whether you book ten dancers or the whole team, they have the capacity to give you a performance you will remember.

We hold annual auditions which take place once a year with hundreds of applicants. Only the top forty dancers make the cut and join the elite team of artists. Keep an eye on our social media pages to find out when the next dates are.

We also offer dance classes to develop and inspire dancers. Be it novices, who have never danced before, or professionals who want to challenge themselves. Check out our classes page to find out more.

Partner & Associates We Have Worked With

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